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12 String Trapeze tailpiece

Bill SoCal

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I am trying to restore a Gibson 12-String acoustic that had this tailpiece on it. I cannot seem to find a match for it. Does anyone know if this item has a particular name or know where I could find one? The guitar is old, but I cannot determine its exact age as there aren't any markings inside the sound hole that I can see.



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Also check out the 12-string tailpiece at guitarpartsresource.com. Like the allparts version, this is designed for shallow-body electrics, as far as I can tell, and the endpin hole may not line up with that on your B25 or B45 12-string.


All you really need, however, is the new wire bail and the two nuts for the end of it. I suspect you could buy one of these two aftermarket tailpieces, open up the rounded-over "barrel" part that keeps the bail captive in the endpiece (just enough to get the wire bail out), and insert it into your old endpiece. This is a little tricky, as the endpiece is rolled over the wire bail as part of the original assembly process, and it will take a little finesse to do it without damage to the parts.


I do believe this could be done, however. I would take it on myself if I were comfortable with using tools and doing the most basic metalwork. Otherwise, take the old broken piece and the new tailpiece to a competent guitar tech. You don't need a luthier for this: just someone who is comfortable working with the appropriate hand tools, including a bench vise and an appropriate tool to pry open the rolled-over part of the endpiece.


I checked the trap tail on my ES 335-12, and it is identical to yours except for the part that actually wraps around the body.

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