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sg worn brown chrome finish problem


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new to the forum. I have a problem...I think...and I'm not sure what to do about it. I recently bought a worn brown sg about a year ago and I just took it out its case after a few weeks of not playing it (I have 3 others that I rotate between). Anyway, I noticed the chrome on the bridge and tuning knobs have turned extremely dull and look as if they have been left outside in the sun for weeks. Are the worn finish guitars supposed to do this? If not does the warranty cover it or do I have to replace the all the chrome parts? Anyone else have this problem?

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You may want to try some metal polish, maybe Brasso. I've used some stuff called Blue Magic and it works well!

It has ammonia in it plus the polishing compound, so it removes the dirt and grime and polishes.

Big thing is to wipe off the chrome, strings and finish each time you play it.

The oil on your fingers will tarnish the metal, and ruin your strings much quicker.

And welcome to the forum!

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