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Earlier this year I ordered a Custom Classic goldtop that, despite its beauty, tone, and interminable sustain, was extremely "buzzy" whenever it was not being touched on the metal. It was about three times worse than any other LP I've played. When I got tired of this buzz, I looked up Gibson's warranty repair folks, and noticed that the closest (I'm in Miami) was more than 50 miles away (in Delray Beach). I took the trip, and I must tell you that it was a trip well-spent.


The owner of the shop (Michael) diagnosed my switch as the problem, ordered a new switch, and promptly fixed my guitar. I'll pick it up on Monday, but I'm told the switch was fixed and it's quiet as a mouse. So if you're anywhere nearthe East Coast of Florida, get your troubled LPs to "Guitar Hospital," a little hole-in-the-wall shop that performs warranty work for your axe. Not only was it a great experience to meet someone (who is down-to-earth) with that level of knowledge, but it was also quick service, quick diagnosis, and very well-worth driving any number of miles to get this level of service.


Guitar Hospital - don't forget it.

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