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Thinking I might want a Sonex...

old mark

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They can be cool guitars, but beware, they can be very heavy! I've got an 81 Sonex 180 Deluxe that weighs a ton, more than any Les Paul or Explorer I've had, it's beat to hell and has plenty of rust on the screws and pickups (non-stock Seymour Duncan Invader in bridge, Dimarzio Super Distortion in neck), the bridge has heavy chrome pitting, the neck is sanded and worn down (feels great! like old furniture), the body is resprayed matte black. The bodies were strange on the Sonex, it's a composite body with a chromite core (another word for balsa wood) inside a polymer shell, but to me it doesn't feel that different. I'd shop around too, there's a nice-condition used red Sonex Deluxe on Ebay right now with a Buy-It-Now proce of $375. My beater cost me $200.

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