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coming to terms...


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Hey OP-14...suck 'em anyways! happy0008.gif

Pit, another thing is...you're still a teenager. I'm know this forum doesn't help any and every guitar gives you G.A.S. (me too!), but some...if not all...of of the guys with 2, 5, 10+ guitars are 30 years old and above. Consider yourself fortunate that you even have a Les Paul Standard. The fact that it's chambered shouldn't make you think any less of it.


Bole has you beat to **** when it comes to collecting though.

Yeah, I saw it...pretty nice, but not my cup of tea.

You're right, he does have me beat...keep in mind I only started a year ago. O:)

...but I am at just about my limit. I'll stop at 10 or 12.

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Hey oilpit. I wouldn't sweat the chambered thing yet.


I'm a 50 year old gigger that was gigging before I was of legal age, and getting paid for it. I bought a '72 Les Paul Recording around 1980 that I gigged for 14 years. When I ended up in Illinois around 94 I was doing a lot of country, and the Paul had no frets left. I went to a Strat, then a Tele, but still kept my '79 SG.


I quit smoking last New Years day and was going to buy an R8 for a reward. After much research, I ended up in Sept. buying an ES-339. That's pretty damned chambered. It rocks, has sustain for days and I love it. I also bought an '08 Studio last week, which is chambered for my daughter. I've only got to mess with it a few times because it's still a secret, but it's a damn nice axe.


I play bars with a Southern Rock/Blues/Motown/Classic Country band almost revery weekend, and plan on trying it live with my Boogie, too.


Best of luck to ya. You have a damned fine guitar for your age. A lot of us were in our 20's, and 30's before we got one.



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I played a lot of Customs before I got the 07 Standard. To each his own, but I didn't like them. If it was all about density they would make em out 1/2" thick steel or at least acrylic. yeah I know some are made of acrylic. Not Gibson's.

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