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More Tone, Less Volume


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A very large majority of today's younger players would be totally lost if they had to play at even a coffee house volume and without an overdriven amp or uber-metal distortion or fuzz.All you have to do some Saturday is to drop into any music store that allows snot-nosed,pimple-squatters to thrash and bash their entire inventory of razor-edged guitars.The manager of a local music store who is also a good friend,was telling me about a kid who was there one day.This kid was popping out great riffs like a machine gun, so he went over to jam with the kid.The kid got absolutely lost-he didn't know one chord or any chord structures or even the simple blues progression that's part of everybody's induction into the world of guitar.With all his concentration on just fast licks and riffs,he was esentially useless to anyone who wanted to start a band with him.

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