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Coil tap HB vs traditional HB


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I've always been under my (ignorant) impression that HB s with coil tap pots or simply

4wire conductor HB s sound slightly different than traditional 2wire HB.

Am I wrong or tone is negligible at best.


Some time back I tried the lp trad vs trad pro and to my ears the trad 57 classic sounded better as a 2 wire HB . Could've been my mood I was in or the lp trad pro was a paperweight.


I'm curious to hear your alls opinion...

Thanks in advance.

Ps few days ago tried the pro again and loved it, didn't like the 60s neck too much.

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Personally, I believe that the traditional coax wire sounds slightly different than the stuff they use on 4 conductor arrangements.


I took a particular LP with P-90s and did a cap replacement, the a change to the origonal wiring (from "60's" type to "50s" type, then finally changed the wiring from the more modern type with the 4 conductor type to the switch to the older style with coax. The change in wire caused at least as much change in sound as the other changes.


I can't be sure what the electrical properties are between the different wires are, but what I do know is that different wire will have the potential to sound different. And both types are very different. they are different gauge, different dialectric (That being the coating) and coax is different electrically than parallel.


I have not re-wired enough Gibsons with different types to confirm that this or that sounds better, but in the few I have done, it has made a noticable difference. I am not a bit surprised to read that you have noticed.

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