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Cant afford a Slash amp.. Get the Slash APP instead


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I saw that in a guitar magazine I believe.

Yeah, no Android version, a Droid Bionic user here.


Where does one get the program for a PC?

I have two Logitech Z680 5.1 speaker systems if anyone remembers them.


Out of production now, but one is hooked up to my main desktop PC, and the other to the HD TV.

Very loud and with good bass response.

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You don't need an I-whatever. Amplitube will run on your Mac or PC. And you can use much, much better computer speakers with your PC.

Yeah i was only saying that cos I have plenty of good audio sftware already BUT if it was on my phone id probably use it every so often just to do something different.. I just sse those apps as a toy really.. I do editing and that sort of stuff on my PC mainly.

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