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Burst Opinions Please

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I'm in the midst of something, and would like opinions on different "Bursts". I like the one in the lower left, my son likes the one in the lower right. The bottom 4 are copied right from the manufacture's website - the first 2 on top are my J-45 TV and JB, the third is a sample "dark burst" I was sent. Value any and all opinions.


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I like them all, and would be hard-pressed to choose a favorite. I have five different Gibson 'bursts, and no two are alike. Of course, some are 65 years old, others only a few years old, so who knows how they will look in a few more years? They definitely seem to change over time.


Some of mine were done in Kalamazoo, others in Bozeman. The guy that shot my L-7 in Kalamazoo in 1947 may be long gone, and the guy who shot my SJ in Bozeman may be a kid with a totally different idea of how the 'burst should look.


My favorite Gibson 'burst is that one that's on the guitar I happen to be playing at any given moment.

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Similar to others, I think they are all beautiful. Gibson does the best bursts in the world! I used to not like the very small bursts *like from the '30s and on the JB), but I have grown to really like them.


That said, lately I have really been liking the ones where the burst is more amber colored than yellow. Given that, I would go for the burst on the J-200!

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Dan ,


I am a fan of the 50's SJ 200 sunbursts and the 70's Sj 200 Cherrybursts .

but If you are looking for a non J 200 burst I would say the small 30's burst is really great :

here's my custom shop OJ for example













if you want to compare I got other photos of other guitars Fuller's has made for me :


















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