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Artist Management According To Flo & Eddie


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Even though Flo and Eddie do it in a funny way what they say is all too true in Rock and Roll.

One of the most famouse industry rip off's is with the Alice Cooper Band. Glen Buxton, their lead guitarist, was way down on his luck and was actually sleeping on my kitchen floor when I was living in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. A real bad neighborhood at the time. In any case he had a problem with drugs and was pretty broke. He told me the story of how he never saw a dime from their first few albums because there was a dispute as to what record label had the rights to distribute their records. Their first album was on a Frank Zappa label that I forget the name of. In any case it was going back and forth in court until there were no real royalties left because the lawers took it all through their "fees". When the money was gone so were the lawers. He stayed with me and my friend for a few months till he got a royalty check and ,,,poof!! he was gone. He promised he would pay me back but I did not really expect that to happen anyway. He still had his SG and we used to jam a bit in my apartment. I asked him to show me how he played a song from their first album. Something about a shoe salesman and I swear he played it wrong! I took what he showed me and tweaked it a bit and showed him how it went and rightfully so he got pissed at me.

I felt sorry for the guy and his addiction he was, bottom line, a nice guy. I wonder what ever happened to him. He wrote a lot of their tunes and he called Billion Dollar Babies his best acheivement. "That's my baby" is what he had to say about it.

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