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Repair questions

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I would like to buy an SCS.1d which is a second-hand product, and not working properly.

The seller says:


"this deck is in like new cosmetic condition


however it is not in proper working order the deck will power up, spins, but most of the knobs /buttons are not responding.

please note: it is sold as is for parts or repairs."


I would like to know if you could look into it and repair it for me please?


How much this procedure could cost (Minimum-Maximum price) and how much time is that consumes (normally or again min-max)


If I send you the serial number, could you check if it is still under warranty or anything like that?


THX in advance

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I was actually in talks with this guy to buy this deck, but before he shipped it he decided to test to make sure it was working, then gave me a refund when he decided it wasn't.


My suspicion is that there is in fact nothing wrong with it. He said it starts up and the platter spins, but the knobs are unresponsive. This is basically what happens when you turn on a perfectly-good 1d deck without first running DaRouter.


I asked him if he had any software to test it on and he said he had Virtual DJ.


If the shipping weren't so expensive for me up in Canada, I likely would have made a bid on it when he re-posted it, but I just couldn't take the chance to pay $80 in shipping for a potential paperweight.

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