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You HAVE to love it!


Limited-edition G4510 Showdown guitar is the second installment in the Gretsch Americana Series

Musical instrument is reminiscent of the ol' cowboy guitars of yesteryear

Acoustic steel-string guitar features distinctive looks and original western-inspired artwork


Portable acoustic has a unique look

Limited edition guitar won't be around for long

Sundown Serenade has durable real-wood construction

Precise factory setup


Materials: Wood

Remind you of anything?



............Now let me think!

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Ohhhhhhh......... I get it now.


Swinging a cat is simply a measuring reference; something we maybe can't quantify exactly but can relate to and it 'means' something....


"Her *** was three axe handles wide!"


"There was a pile of s*** there so high, two grown men couldn't shake hands over it!"

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