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Dweezil Zappa Introduces Online Guitar Registry


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Sounds like a good idea but I'm wondering what happens when somebody sells one of their registered guitars. They probably won't tell this website and then there would be bad info on the site. Then what would the new owner do? What would the website do when the new owner says he now owns the guitar and the old owner is gone? There's just no way to authenticate the info or to assure that it will be kept current. I can see the place becoming a free-for-all where there's no authority.


They should have a cop or some pro help them figure out a system that will work.

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Good intentions, BAD idea.


The guitars I own are nobody's business and NOT available for public viewing! All the personal information and guitar details requested above (for my guitars) is registered with a MAJOR international insurance underwriter. Mess with my guitars and you will answer to my insurance company, and believe me, they wield a bigger stick than Dweez.


The MOST you can hope for in the case of theft is MONETARY COMPENSATION (believe me I've been there). Insure your guitars just like your house and car.


And for those of you that think your guitars are covered under your standard homeowners insurance...... they're probably NOT!


PS: If you have a chance to see Dweez's "Zappa Plays Zappa" show, do it.

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