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Got my Robot back today


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the_HEWC - as a onetime sysadmin on Unix mainframes and currently running various Linux flavours on various machines, I am a great fan of the whole open source side of things..... but:-


Can you imagine explaining to the average guitar slinger that each string can be addressed individually (str0, str1, ---- str5), as can the frets (frt0, frt1, ---- frt'n' - where 'n' is the top-fret count of your particular guitar). And that's before you start piping the output to the socket (skt0 on a mono guitat, skt0 and skt1 on a stereo, skt0 through skt5 on a synth).


Sad sysadmin humor.

Note to self:- must get a life.....

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a bench fee is reasonable. it still took their time.

of course, if it was a warranty issue, then you shouldn't have paid. if you had no warranty, took somewhere not authorized for warranty work, or you caused the problem, then a bench fee should be expected.

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