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Gotoh SD90 Locking Tuners


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After some opinion - has anybody tried or heard anything about the Gotoh SD90 Locking Tuners - I looked at the Grovers and you have to ream your holes out - not really comfortable doing that to my Les Paul. The Gotohs look like they screw straight in to the existing holes but they have a 15/1 gear ratio as opposed to 18/1 on the Grovers.


Any thoughts, oh wise ones?




John G

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I have a 2003 Standard with the vintage looking tuners - they look exactly like the ones in this clip so I assume they're Klusons. This clip shows a bloke reaming out the holes for the Grovers, but the reason I'm looking at Gotohs is so I don't have to do this. I've fitted Schallers and Sperzels to other guitars and never had to do this - no way I want to do it to my first Les Paul. I haven't removed the tuning posts but the post itself appears about 6mm, so I guess with the spacer the holes would be about 10mm.


The Gotohs look like they should fit right in, whereas the Grovers seem to require reaming, just wondering if anyone has bad things to say about the Gotohs.





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