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Not Happy With Asymmetrical 60s Slim Taper Neck Profile


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Dear Gibson USA,


I just received a brand new, lefty 2012 Gibson Les Paul Standard gold top. I got this guitar in exchange

for a new, lefty 2012 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Mahogany Satin in cherry. I had returned the Traditional

since the cherry stain looked more brown versus the cherry red in the photos of the right handed versions

on the Gibson web site. However, the 60s slim taper neck profile was done superbly! Everything was great

except for the color.


I have a lefty '99 Gibson Les Paul Classic gold top and it has a most excellent 60's slim taper neck profile.

The Traditional came the closet to this neck profile. I play more single note lines and my Classic is a great

playing guitar because of that neck profile.


Because I am a lefty player, there aren't many places that I can demo a lefty model here in southern California.

Being a gold top lover, I took a chance on the lefty 2012 Gibson Les Paul Standard gold top. I'm unhappy with

the neck profile. Because I play with my thumb on the back of the neck about 95% of the time, the extra chunk

on the bass side of the neck profile makes the neck feel like a '59 rounded profile because I have to spread my

grip wider. Even though the neck dimensions at the first and 12th frets are close to he 60s slim taper dimensions,

the neck feels fatter to me. I love everything else about the guitar. However, the neck profile is leading me

to return the instrument unless for some miracle you could fix the neck profile.


I know you have to appeal to a wide market of players. However, I make an appeal to you to offer the Standard

in the non-asymmetrical 50s rounded and 60s slim taper neck profiles for left handed, and right handed players next time.


Also, I make an appeal to you to make all your Gibson USA models in left handed versions. I was happy to see the

number of Gibson USA models in left handed this year. Thank you. However, if you offered the LP Classic Custom,

SG '61 Reissue and LP Classic Plus in left handed, I would have bought all of those instruments this year because

they are Gibson USA and have the non-asymmetrical 60s slim taper neck profile.


Anyway, those are my thoughts and best regards to all at Gibson USA.


Yours truly,

Arthur / Southern California.

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