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Hey gang! I have locally encountered a '55 LPJr That has come through my local Music store for an Estate Inheritance tax/value appraissal. The guy that has inherited knows nothing about guitars. I am a friend and do work for the Music store owner.

Here is what I know.

The guitar is in original condition (a little bad). The electronics,pickup,pots,knobs,all hardware are original. The tuner buttons are deteriorated and missing.

There is a neck/peghead fracture(un-repaired) and not snapped. The bridge-posts have been traumatised and are at a severe angle towards the neck. BOTH, in my opinion would need attention to make this old beauty playable and stable.

That being said, the guitar has original finish (dirty) and straight neck and IS salvageable in my opinion and has no other damage other than what I described.

Anyone have experience, ideas about repair and value after repairs?

Thanks! All input welcome!

This is NOT officially for sale, but I AM planning on making an offer, Rod

Sorry, I don,t have pics at this time....

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By traumatised, I mean that the bridge post anchors have been pulled forward in the body and would need to to be reset 'upright' to maintain intonation.

Is anyone familiar with this repair?????

A little late but I think it is actually in one of the Dan Erelwine books or the stewmac news letter.

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based on your condition comments ... offer $1.5k tops


you can find a clean original killer mid-50's SB junior, without a headstock break or post lean, for +/- $3k

Thanks Slim. I think I might get it for less than that (less than 1K) I have wanted one forever. The P-90 ohms out at 8.9K....I know it is a monster. I think I can address the issues myself.....(fingers crossed) [-o<

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Well...NGD last friday. [smile] '55 Les Paul Jr. Can hardly wait to get her into playing condition.



Congrats!! It actually looks to be in pretty good shape(minus the issues you pointed out). I bet once you replace the tuners and fix the bridge it'll be a screamer!!

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Thanks! She photographs well, but has the fair share of nicks and dings in person. A lot of fade going on. A lot of neglect! My prime efforts will be stabilising the post/anchors and getting the neck fracture stable. Its a long thinking and gathering info process for me...I don,t want to 'f' it up or have to 'redo'. I hate 'redo's'....and I don,t want to send it to a luthier shop and pay big bucks and wait for 3 months, either [scared] !

I will get it done eventually>

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