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So I saw this on the front page (if you scroll down the facebook feed thingy)


"‎2013 will see exciting improvements and enhancements on Les Pauls and SGs! (And you should expect only modest price increases with these major improvements!"



I do now have to wonder what these improvements will be and how much they think a modest price increase will be?? :P (more Robots? more wiring options? Fishman bridge as standard? New pickup types?)


What would you like to see on the new guitars next year?


For me.. Id like to see the sort of effort that goes into the Collectors guitars go into the Standards.. Im hoping its more in the form of refinement than tech stuff. Les Pauls are prefect as they are (I think)..

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Add volutes to reduce headstock breaks, give neck options on more models (50's or 60's), strap locks would be a definite improvement for LP's. Perhaps options regarding pickups for an upcharge? Hoping these are actual useful improvements, not just "Flamier tops!" or some aesthetic thing like that.

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