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"ELECTED" - Alice Cooper


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When I became aware of Alice Cooper I was mostly into jazz-fusion so you would think Alice was not something I would be into but... something about it just caught my attention and I became a fan I was never into Kiss and thought they were just stupid but Alice Cooper was different. Great band.


Right on!


Alice and KISS are two totally different things. KISS is (or was...whichever you prefer) pretty straight melodic hard rock with a pop sensibility (still to this day don't consider KISS a heavy metal band except for a few early songs such as "Parasite", Creatures Of The Night, Lick It Up, Revenge/Alive III, and Carnival Of Souls). Alice was pretty out-there compared to KISS. Actually closer to Zappa than KISS, although some early KISS tunes ("Two Timer" from Dressed To Kill) show a little Alice influence. Reminds me of "Be My Lover" from the Killer album, only "Be My Lover" has great lyrics. This is coming from a KISS fan, mind you.


I doubt KISS could ever write something like "Halo Of Flies".


Alice did a tour with Ace a few years ago and I would have loved to see that.


Incidentally, Alice is playing smaller venues than KISS is when it should be the other way around.

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Billion Dollar Babies was one of my all time favorite Alice albums. Maybe because it was my first Alice and I bought it when it was released. I was 12 maybe 13. Every song on that album is a classic for me.



And Zappa. I bought my first Zappa album in 75, a new release, One Size Fits All and is the album cover in my avatar and

is to this day one of my favorite Zappa albums. It's hard for me to pick a favorite but that one is right up there.

I got into him at 14 but was more drawn in by the humor and occasional great guitar parts. It wasn't until my later teens and early 20s that I realized what a musical genius he really was.


2 great video posts Searcy, thanks for posting.

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Back in the early 80s one of my buddies was trying out his new cassette deck and recorded a song from one of the local radio stations.The song was fabulous but nobody seemed to kow who did it,I even went so far as to go to a record store in town where most of the staff were musicians,but nobody knew who did the song.People guessed that the song could've been by Brian Eno,Flock of Seagulls,Ian Drury and others,but we couldn't find out who played Clones(we're all).Finally one day I typed it into the old reliable Google search and found in seconds that this fabulous bit of techno-pop was by none other than Alice Cooper and from an obscure album of his called "Flush The Fashion."Sadly the rest of the album isn't what you'd call hit material but the song "Clones" was a real stand-out and to me it was well worth the cost of the whole album.I still play the song when I need to hear something madly uplifting.

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