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Open Jam Night in So-Cal


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My band is hosting Open Jam night at "Chad's Place" in Big Bear Lake. Anyone in the area feel like driving up the mountain to have a drink and a jam, bring your guitar (and a small combo amp if you got one) and come on up to Big Bear. Sign ups start at 7pm and we go on from 8pm-11pm.


I haven't mentioned it so far because I don't like to self promote on this forum, but I'd be remiss if I didn't invite the Gibson Forumites to an open jam night! [biggrin]


It's every Thursday Night.

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Are there drums and bass or is it just a guitar thing?


My bandmates and I might be able to make it up there one night. Sounds like it would be fun! We're always down to jam

Everyone is welcome, singers, bass players, drummers (that respect equipment, of course), guitar players, harmonicas, whatever. We let singer/songwiters get up and show off originals, too.


We have an amp for guests, but I'd suggest bringing your own guitar and combo.


We'd love to see you there!

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