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My 40th B'day Jam !


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Even though I turn 40 tomorrow, I had the big bash last nite.


I wanted to do it the DoubleShot way, so I hired our favourite bar where we play, invited my fiends, but also some of Prague's finest musicians .... I brought the HB TV and Songwriter, set em up, and we had a big, fat, chunky Jam !


Was a great night, everybody participated no matter what level, sang, drank and played some fine Gibsons.


You've seen enough of our vids, so here's a couple of my favorite local mussos Jamie Marshall on the Bird' and Dani Robinson playing tasty lead on the Songwriter, they really make a great duo.


And ... you've heard Mrs EA, before, but here she is in person doing her fave Sheryl Crow number ...


One of my work coleagues was playing harp in the background, and you may see the poster Blanka got me in the backdrop of The Gibson J-180 headstock print, which will hang in my office.


Still kicking back on the sofa recovering from the hangover.


Hope you enjoy it !


Jamie and Dani



Mrs EA (Blanka)


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Tremendous party, thanks for inviting.

Strong videos in different ways – loved the blonde girl wine incident at 4:26 in the first – and what a blues typhoon those guys drive up.

The fact you brought those 2 guitars tells something - I'm not quite sure what, but I imagine the Bird is an ongoin' celebration in itself.

Hep for another adventurous decade -


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Thank you for all the warm wishes folks, feels great to be part of this little, great community !


It was indeed a great jamm and very happy to have it all on video for years to come and look back on. Its a wonderful thing when musos of all styles and backgrounds come together and just start jamming and see where it takes, couldnt have been a better 40th .... definitely the best one Ive ever had !


Em7 - I specifically took the Bird as its my best plugged in guitar, and a rhythm master, while the SWD really excells at tasty lead. I thought those two guitars would be perfect together. It was a thrill to have Jamie and Dani play those wonderful instruments and myself enjoying their music in the audience. They both have a long musical history with Jamie in the London scene while Dani in LA.


FB - great to see the Swanies win. Was up at 6am to watch the final in a pub so we caught it live. Im a Crows supporter but always have had a soft spot for the Swanies. Great game and a very well dserved win indeed !

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