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Star Trek type hypospray to replace needles


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If like me you hate needles.. You should like this... yet another Star Trek idea thats become reality :)



I’ve never met anyone who enjoys receiving an injection via a needle. I long for the day when we catch up with Star Trek and replace needles with a hypospray. That day could be sooner than you think as MIT has created a new device that supplies drugs through the skin using jet injection.


The new jet injection method delivers a drug through the skin at speeds of up to 340 meters per second and in under a millisecond. The amount of drug can be varied, as can how deep it is injected. And as far as the patient is concerned, they shouldn’t feel anything other than the tip of the injector against their skin. That’s because the jet is as thin as a mosquito’s proboscis.


No needle and no pain will certainly take the stress out of receiving drugs for a lot of people. You also won’t have to worry about the needle breaking or having a painful bruise form afterwards. Anyone who has to inject themselves regularly will also benefit from no longer breaking their skin with a needle.


The other good news is the jet injector can be used to extract fluid as well as deliver it, and due to the rate at which works the device can also be used to deliver drugs in powder form.


Jet injection is not a new idea, but devices that have gone before lacked fine control. The MIT injector solves that problem, meaning it is much more likely to be considered as a replacement for needles.

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US military has used a version of this for almost 40 years now, nothing really new about it.

If you read the last paragraph it says that the idea for injecting like that is not new. What is new is the device they use allows for control over exactly how much is delivered how deep it goes and even how it spreads under the skin and as such may soon totally replace needles.

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