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Great guitar need help! 1956


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WHat do u think the values is an it isnt restored, it has been sitting in the Orignal case for years an years, its a 1956 gibson, says les paul but i dont believe it is just the bottom metal peice says les paul but i found out that all those metal peices do, what do u guys think an what is the values

post-47580-075207500 1349044790_thumb.jpg

post-47580-039919700 1349044794_thumb.jpg

post-47580-048874500 1349044798_thumb.jpg

post-47580-083288400 1349044802_thumb.jpg

post-47580-049062500 1349044806_thumb.jpg

post-47580-012820100 1349044811_thumb.jpg

post-47580-093027400 1349044821_thumb.jpg

post-47580-023840200 1349044826_thumb.jpg

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I may be wrong as im not really an expert in these types of guitar but it looks like a Gibson ES 295.. VERY NICE :) [thumbup] (apart from the nut which looks totally screwed)..


Theres a few oon ebay.. Check some other places like Craigslist and you should get an idea.





Hope that helps :)

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Guest Farnsbarns

There was a Les Paul ES 295. It was reissued in 2008 and was guitar of the month in 2008 too. They were all gold as is yours. I think this is what you have here (an original that is, not the reissue). The pickguard is missing as mentioned and the bracket and hole in the top can be seen. There is also an extra hole in the top of yours which I suspect is there because a different guard was installed some time.


The nut is very weird and I would suggest you sort before considering selling because it would render the guitar unplayable in many people's eyes.


I wouldn't touch anything else unless you can find original parts with a similar patina. The market for this thing is going to be people who like the honesty of the story it tells.


One other thing, what's going on under the bridge pickup, looks like it’s been shimmed to raise it? I am not familiar with this and it might be an original feature but my guess is that it isn't.

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I don't know any details of the 'Les Paul' ES 295 (although it DOES ring a small bell in the nether-regions of my mind...Florentine-cut, all-gold, LP sized?) but the one in the OP is simply an ES - 295. They were originally available (AFAIK) from '52 - '59.


Essentially it's an ES - 175 in gold with a trapeze tailpiece. These tailpieces were from a Les Paul idea and I've seen some with 'Les Paul' engraved on them so that's perhaps the source of the name Farns mentions.


Rabs has already posted links to the ebay offerings.




EDIT : Here's a snap from a quick google search;




I suppose Gibson had to find some use for them when it transpired they were 100% unsuited to the Les Paul's neck pitch....

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