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where have all the 82 moderne's gone


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  • 4 weeks later...

I've been noticing that there are no 82 moderne's for sale anymore anywhere? Anyone have any idea why?


I just bought one on eBay for a very reasonable $4200 with shipping. It's Mint Mint Mint. Serial F 081. It's natural Korina.

I've been looking for three years and finally pulled the trigger.


The newest re-issue with the pointy headstock has dropped the market a bit. The guy that sold mine was pretty upset he didn't set a high reserve.


Don't believe the idea that only 143 were made. If you read the interview with Tim Shaw (these came with Shaws) he said the numbering system was A XXX B XXX all the way to H XXX. Shaw said, "I think each group got 100 guitars." That means there are 800 plus the prototypes with a different numbering system. Edit- after further research and consultation with the real expert on this model, 150 is about the number made. End edit.


They turn up on eBay and if you do a nationwide search on Craigs List you see them from time to time.

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