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Leo Kottke - Driver


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I saw Leo at the Greek Theater in Berkeley in the mid-70's.


My brother was a fan, I wasn't nuts over him since it was obvious to me that his recordings were over-dubbed.


Well, we sat in the very first row, and when he started playing....I realized he DIDN'T over-dub.... he was going it

all.... was totally blown away!

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Rob the venue where I saw him in the eighties was in a Community Performance Hall in Penrith, an unremarkable suburb on the outer hinterland of Sydney.

It was a triple bill, Leo, Paco Pena (flamenco) and Joe Pas (Jazz).Unfortunately Joe Pas got ill and they filled his place with a 16 year child prodigy..Slava Grigorian (classical).

Leo told a few funny yarns...one I remember was he started his musical career as a trombonist and when playing at a county fair someone stuck a sausage down his trombone.He took it as a crticism and started concentrating on guitar.

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Thing about Kottke is that he's an original. Take away the guitar playing and you've still got a show worth listening to.


And that ain't no insult to his pickin'. Believe me.


There were a lot of pickers from his generation - Oops, mine too although he's obviously a mere child since he's a month younger - who were exceptional, but in ways more similar and without ... what should one say, the "swing" in technique?


As I said... Leo's an original.



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