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Well I don't share PM's total aversion to Bono, though I do understand it, and I think he should have retired in 1991 (truly nothing worthwhile since Achtung Baby - not even Zooropa - and he's lost his voice and looks, which makes true rock stardom a bit out of his league now). I also think Gretsches are great looking and sounding guitars, and while a G-brand Chet Atkins or Lou Reed's Velvets-era Country Gent would be more my style, I am definitely always impressed by a White or Black Falcon, including the Edge's double-cut white one. But I never liked Bono's green Gretsch in the first place. Eye-catching, but not pretty. Not a nice colour. At least not on a Gretsch. Not then, and not now. So I'm a bit the other way round - I could just about live with the Bono association, say on that rather nice, well-aged, grainy early '60s ES335 he ponced around with in Rattle and Hum. But I couldn't buy an emerald green Gretsch. A Brian Jones smoke green Anniversary maybe - ostensibly a worse green, but infinitely cooler on a Gretsch. But not this dark, gloomy green. And what's with the tailpiece? If you have to have a Gretsch with no Bigsby, at least have that solid looking Brian Jones tailpiece with a nice G, not this naff goldy looking chain thing. And the slogan? Bono's worst rhyme since 'For the Reverend Martin Luther King/Sing'. More fitting if this were the Commitments model. Miss for me, I'm afraid.

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