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Any of you guys ever owned one of these things?


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I have had one for 3 years but yet to attempt to use it...

I opened it once..it looks nice..! : (

I do not have any effects but I have wanted one of these things for ever.

I am intent that it not meet the same fate as the Studer Revox Reel to Reel which sat unused for 25 years because it is possible as I am one of the laziest hard working people on earth.

Im thinking to make believe it is this years Christmas present & finally do it before 5 year warranty runs out.

But it looks daunting..instructions are don't do this..do it like that or it ruins this ..etc.

Every tape you screw up is $60..

Any suggestions?

This is a good example of it.

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Yep. Owned one of those and used it often with the last band I assembled. The finest delay out there, bar none! Nothing beats an analog tape delay for warmth and character of tone......absolutely awesome unit. Plugged my Gretsch 6120 into the echo and that into an old, original 1962 Gretsch tube amp or a Carr Rambler 2x10, depending on how much volume I needed for the venue. At home I hooked it up stereo through the Fulltone just to hear it.....heavenly!


They are not as fragile as the instructions make them sound but they do need to be operated properly. Do that and they deliver! Excellent piece of gear!

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If you're not using it, I'll take it off your hands. I could even swap it for my Belcat 503 delay which is also not seeing much action. For sure the Belcat is much easier to use, though the battery holder is kaput, and it needs a mains adaptor (hence the fact that it's not seeing much action). Fair exchange is no robbery, after all! [scared]

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The one effect I always liked was that hall sound..

I had a cheap little amp once that was literatly a $15 from the garbage thing & it had the best reverb in it. Never been able to match it.


This Fulltone kind of fell into my lap as a gift..thanks to God.

When we were forced to sell our house.. I decided as some consolation to order some guitars made..in my image..so to speak.

Two of the 3 were Fender Masterbuilt Stratocasters. Anyway they were supposed to be short scale guitars but builder convinced me otherwise after Id ordered them.

After I paid for them & delivery, a couple of months after that, it came to my mind that..there must have been an upcharge for the short scale detail in the original quote..! but nothing was deducted...maybe they owe me something?

Daves Guitar Shoppe looked into it and found out yes..I was due a refund of $1200.

Daves had been previously irritated with me & I decided to just use the credit for the Fulltone/Echoplex Id always wanted.


Ill set aside a day around Christmas & enjoy my gift..hopefully.

Thanks for the encouragement.

There are some good sounds on the video by the way..give it a listen.This video convinced me that I should go ahead with it.

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Yup, the local Mom & Pop music store had two of the suckers sitting there. I couldn't resist so bought one. Thing is though I only played around with it and never learned how o use it properly. I ended up giving it to a friend who was able to make far better use of it than me.

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