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Yet ANOTHER great looking music film I gotta see


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WOW.. I didnt even know this was coming


BB King: The Life of Riley will be released in movie theaters across the U.K. on October 15. The movie is directed and produced by Jon Brewer, and tells the story of how young B.B. went from being a Mississippi cotton farmer to becoming King of the Blues.


Morgan Freeman serves as the movies narrator and it includes contributions by the likes of Eric Clapton, Slash, and Bill Wyman. Brewer also had full access to B.B.'s friends and family while making the movie.


B.B. King's guitar of choice for most of his career has been the Gibson ES-355. King has named every guitar that he's played Lucille, which refers to an event from his early career where two men who were fighting over a woman by that name inadvertently knocked over a barrel of kerosene and ended up burning down the dance hall where King was playing.


Gibson launched the B.B. King Lucille model in 1980. Perhaps the most noticeable aspect of the Gibson B.B. King Lucille is the lack of F-holes - a feature that B.B. requested in order to minimize feedback.



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You ever get the feeling if Morgan Freeman was narrating your day you'd have an EPIC day?


Cool vids. Informative. I never was curious about him before, ironically. It was Blind Lemon at my house as blues went, along with Winter. Mom never liked BB for some reason so I never got to listen to him. Thanks for posting.

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B.B.! Gosh, what can one say, that hasn't been said a million (or more) times! He's IS unique, and IMHO, a true "National Treasure!"


My first ever, "blues" concert, was B.B. King, in K.C. Missouri (3-19-1973) at the old "Cowtown Ballroom. No advanced seating,

so you could go right up to the stage, and watch. I was one of the very few "white" people, there. It didn't matter a damn,

either. The only thing anyone was interested in, was BB! Ladies took off their underwear, and tossed it on stage. These were

not teens, or even 20 somethings...they were 30-40 somethings, by in large. One lady tossed some red panties, and they landed

on the head-stock, of his Lucille. BB never missed a note, he was so "in the zone," I don't think he even noticed it, until he

finished the song. Then, he just gave a big smile, waved, and said: "Thank You, Darlin'...and, went into the next song!

That was great, for a young, white (wanting to learn "the blues") guitar player, to see! ;>)



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Ive really got to go and see this, Im a huge fan of BB. Ive started teaching guitar to my housemates and a few days ago introduced them to blues music. I think this would be great as a learning tool for them to understand more about it.

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