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AllParts sells a line of repro pickguards. I put one of their L-5 Non-Cutaway multi-bound pickguards on my 1947 L-7, and was very impressed with the product. It was actually even thicker than the original Gibson, beautiful binding and polish job.




You would then have to make your own pickup cutouts, for the pickup location will vary slightly on the "handmade" guitars you list.


Not a closeup, but here's a pic of the L-7 installation.



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I need a gibson pickguard for a 1975 L5, and a 1975 Birdland. The non Gibson pickguards for these guitars I had put on look real bad .


I just went through the whole process getting a new pickguard for my 1964 S-400 CES. Gibson Custom Shop adviced me that there are not parts for these guitars, they are made one at a time, and pickguards are ordered from a third party. They recommended Tony Dudzik, pickguardian.com, who makes pickguards for Gibson on a regular basis and may have a pattern for your guitar.

As you may guess, the pickguards for these guitars are no simple matter, the materials are rare, the process is very manual.


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