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So as many of you know, I've spent the last couple weeks "restoring" a destroyed 2008 SG faded, completely refinishing it and all. It came out very nice, just exactly what I had been shooting for as it relates to a "rescue" SG. I wanted it bare bones but nice, and that's what I got.


I've been offered (through ebay) a pristine "under the bed" 2004 cherry Standard with case candy and the protective plastic still on the guard, with HSC, for $750. The cherry Standard is, to me, "the" SG to own, much like you'd view a blonde Telecaster, a gold top Les Paul, a sunburst Strat with a maple neck, etc. I know there are variations that are every bit as valid and maybe more desirable to some, but a cherry red Angus-esque Standard is like the first SG that comes to mind when I think of one.


I paid $325 for the basket case SG and given the market for used fadeds, I doubt I'll make a nickel on it even after restoration. Not the end of the world but not a lot of incentive to work on guitars.


I could buy the Standard anyway and just keep both I suppose, but in general I own ONE Tele, ONE Strat, ONE Les Paul.... (okay I have 26 Applauses but we shant talk about that.)


The faded has superb action, the strings feel like rubber, and it will about blow up the amp. However this would be a good chance to upgrade to a very sexy cherry.



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This is the kind of quandary I wouldn't mind having at all!


1) Buy the cherry red SG. Do not hesitate for that money, in the UK that price is a steal.

2) Decide which of the 2 is the better guitar. This will be the tricky part as they will both be at least 'good enough'.

3) What year is the stripped one? Would it be worth more than the '04? It's still not too late to stain that one cherry though it would be a hassle.

4) Whichever one you sell will make enough to offset the eBay purchase. You could combine the best bits of both.


I have to agree that a cherry red SG is the 'standard' - other colours just don't look so 'right'.


26 Applauses? You own 26 Ovation Applause bowlback guitars? OK let's not talk about it!

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Get the cherry Standard. Like you said, it is the standard (pun intended) for SGs.


Treat the killer cleanup job you did on that faded as another notch on your work bench and consider the Standard a reward for a job well done.

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Yep. Bought it. $744.99.


All other things being equal I will keep the cherry and sell the rescue. The rescue sets the bar pretty high though. Dead flat action, no buzz, etc. I'm hoping the '04 meets it.


Friggin' mint though!!





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Congrats, KS. That Standard looks a beaut and seems a bargain (at least at the US/UK price coversion rate.)


I often wonder about getting myself an SG standard because of its beauty, its more durable finish and, as far as Gibbies go, it's relatively favourable price tag.


However, my SG Faded is a flawless, straight-down-the-middle two piece that is the absolute best playing guitar I have. Sometimes I lose myself playing it and that just doesn't happen with my other guits. I'm not a great fan of binding and that, coupled with the thin nitro finished neck, might be a major reason why it plays so well for me.


Don't knock the SG faded and, if yours is a player, think very carefully before you sell it.

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