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Today marks the passing of a true legend of the U.K. studio scene. Big Jim Sullivan was a tremendous guitarist who did studio time with Jimmy Page among many, many others. His heyday was all through the 60s and 70s and he played on so many successful recordings that it is almost impossible that you will not have heard his guitar playing. Like most studio professionals he was not a household name but was highly rated, much loved and respected throughout the industry.

Please take a look at the Wiki entry - you will see near the bottom of the page a long list of U.K no.1 records on which he played guitar.





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Thankyou for the post...yes RIP...a legendary session man who also raised his profile and enjoyed success in the spotlight


In many ways a more modest version of Jimmy Page


I remember seeing him on BBC TV guesting on some programme featuring Tom Jones


I believe he was first call alongside Vic Flick(he of James Bond fame)


As guitarist who could handle any kind of music...





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Big Jim Sullivan's spot was the only part of The Tom Jones Show that I liked.He is mainly known for using a Tele but often used a Rickenbacker 360.He was a deadly guitarist who could play riffs around most other guitarists yet he always chose to be in the background filling in any gaps with tasteful licks.If there ever was a personification of a guitarist's guitarist Big Jim would be it.His passing is a great loss to the guitar playing community RIP Big Jim,I'm sure that Les Paul has a stool saved for you-right next to his.

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