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Leather Strap has stained finish...


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Has anyone had a leather strap stain the finish of they're guitars & had success with removing the stain?

The strap is the Dimarzio Italian Leather one which is a really nice Strap...except for this problem. I think I have 2 or 3 of these straps.

It has stained this Relic Cunetto Mary Kay which I do not mind but also has a new Pink Masterbuilt..and a handmade Carlo Greco which Id rather stain not be.

I always store straps with each electric guitar..almost all on full time permanently with a washer..but these Dimarzio straps are thick,soft & have a good tight opening so Ive not bothered on these guitars cause they are pretty secure.


Still cant figure how to post pictures directly from PhotoBucket.

Here is the first





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I'm pretty sure you'll be able to get that with Virtuoso, just the polish. This summer,I had INK from a tie-dye shirt (not type-casting myself, am I?) get into the natural finish of a maple-bodied Gibson. The ink also was heavily into the white binding. Didn't notice it until the next day. After the Virtuoso, a definite sigh of relief, and a lesson learned.


I'd guess you'd be ok with Big's suggestion of the compound on the solid-colored Fenders. But with the natural finished guitar, start with the least aggressive; then, if no success, then bring out the heavy artillery.


Good luck, let us know how you make out.

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Thanks guys...guess all the suggestions are in.

I will seek out the Virtuoso to begin with...& if needed on to the next steps.

On the Relic it kinda looks right..but on that Pink Strat I want it off...the Carlo Greco its on the back and I usually am not bothered but Id like it off as well.

One person suggested Napha but it sounds serious & I dont want to chance making it worse.

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