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Help dating an old ES175


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Hi everybody

A friend of mine has inherited an old ES 175. The serial no is 17946 which indicates that it's from 1961. Sadly the neck has been broken along the way and was repaired quite poorly so the value of the actual guitar may not be that much. My question is "what about the pickups", these are the original PAFs and I have seen these for sale at a very high price but I wonder what the realistic price is for these.

I have seen them for sale for over $10.000 but are they really worth anything like that, and if yes then WHY ....

And why is it that there are quite a few ES175 for sale with original PAFs for less than when they are sold seperately. Please chip in, I am no vintage Gibson expert by any means.


Here's a couple of links for something on ebay right now:





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