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Replacement machine heads/tuners for 1996 epiphone Les Paul


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Hi there,


Got a problem with my Les paul and was after some help/advice/info. I've noticed that the G and D tuners will no longer hold their tune after 16 years so I need to replace them. Thinking a whole new set is definitely the way to go. Is there any particular make/type I can literally just switch or am I likely to have to ream out the peg holes and drill screw holes and mess up the headstock? Any help/advice sourcing bits and bobs to u.k would be well appreciated.


These are the originals:




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You shouldn't have any problem finding replacements that will go right on there.

Unless you want to change them out for something like Grover Rotomatics, or Schallers.

Then you MIGHT need to enlarge the holes.

Do you self a favor, don't buy cheap (junk) units.

Grover135 Vintage units are good. There's a couple sets in nickel on eBay for about $40 new.

From a US seller.


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As you're in the UK you might want to look at these from Axetec > Axetec Heads (bottom of the page).

I've bought them in the past and they are really quite good for the low price (£16.95). I've found Wilkinson brand keystone heads to be pretty poor (they rattle and the fixing screws seem to be made of chocolate) although their Grover copies are pretty good.

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