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I know this is the electric forum, and it is an acoustic electric so apologies if I am in the wrong spot. My guitar is like a futon. Bed and a couch, but not a really good bed or couch.


So I was playing this used PR5E I bought. My wife pointed out a faint signature on the top. It looks like it is bleached into the wood and it is underneath whatever they used to finish it. It is exactly the same as other Jack Johnson signatures I have found on surfboards guitars etc when I researched it on the internet. He has a pretty distinctive signature. I can't figure how this could have happened? Does anybody have any ideas or opinions? It would have had to been signed before they finished it. It looks like it might have been there and the factory sanded or cleaned it off, but the wood has a ghost like trace of the signature. It is hard to see unless the light is just right, and then it is obvious. I guess this is how it made it through the inspection. It looks very factory and if someone did refinish it, they are very very good.


I don't want to sell it or even find out what it is worth. I just want to play it, and Jack Johnson or not, it is still the guitar that it is. Basically I am saying that this is just a curiosity and I am looking for possible answers. I hope that takes away some of the "I made this up to try and sell a 300 dollar guitar for 1000."

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