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Separation between strings and mics in LP

daniel sergio

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I have a Les Paul Traditional. It has 2 microphones calssics 57. I'm trying to confirm the information I found on the Internet, about the separation between the microphones and cords. All agree on one thing: you must tighten the 1st and 6th string at the last fret, then measure the separation. But I've read several variants on this point.

Some people said (according to him, is a recommendation of Gibson ..................)

-6th string 3/32 "(2.38mm) in both microphones.

-1st string 1/16 "(1.58mm) in both microphones.

I want to know if Gibson really has reference measurements for the separation. I do not trust the information I read on the Internet ....

Another query: this separation is to be measured between the string and the sheet of microphone, or between the string and the corresponding screw?


I do not speak English. I helped with the translator. So I can hardly find this information on the official website of Gibson.


Thank you.



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It does not really matter if it is from the screw or the metal cover. It does not even matter the exact measurement.


It is only a starting point or a reference. It is NOT a specification. The proper hieght is done by ear, and by sound. And maybe personal taste.


If it is too high, it might be a little louder, but the sound will be compressed and loose a lot of subtlely, and loose dynamics. Too low, and and the strenght of the signal is not enough to "read" the strings well enough to get a strong sound, and it will also loose tone and dynamics.


Experiment, move them up or down until you can HEAR the difference. Don't go by volume alone, but rather tone quality. and adjust volume with the amp.

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I use the separation that I commented as a starting point. Some of these values ​​I found the best sound. Initially I was surprised by the recommendation of 1/16 (1.58mm) for the 1st string. I thought it was very little separation. But my ear told me right! :)


Thank you!!!! (All)

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