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Ryan H

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Local guy was selling a bunch of pedals at great prices, so I jumped on a couple. An MXR Dyna Comp and an Ibanez AD-99. For $160 total ($40 for the Dyna Comp, $120 for the AD-99) I got my perfect Country setup. And here they are:






The Comp is great in moderation, gives me that nice quack I've been looking for. The delay on the AD-99 is nice and warm, like a good analog delay should be. Only goes up to 300ms I believe, but I'm not doing some crazy U2 covers or anything, so it works. Heavy as hell though.


Next up, the board...

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I have an MXR Dyna Comp as the first thing on my pedal board. I do not know what I would do without it. A little goes a long way with this classic pedal. Not just for country but a subtle setting really evens out the dynamics without obliterating your touch. It is always on for clean or distorted sounds.

Just a little is all you need.

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