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All I could tell you is from a quick Google. It appears to be a "select spruce" top which generally means it's laminated.


Seriously, If you're looking literally at touch/play distance at a guitar in that general type and price range, I'd say that the individual guitar itself is what's important, not specs at this point. I think the instrument has been rather well reviewed, and for a couple-three hundred bucks, depending on condition, you should be okay. The electrical side of it and general condition would be what I'd be concerned about.


A laminated top isn't necessarily evil if you like the guitar's sound. It just won't mellow in as would a solid top. Note that most Gibson archtops are laminates... It's less expensive and, in theory at least, should last as well or better. It's the question of sound quality that almost certainly is improved in an acoustic guitar by solid woods.


But if I had a couple hundred and were looking for a cheap but decent playing and sounding AE 12, I guarantee my decision would be a matter of playability and general condition.



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