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Help Dating my dads old banjo

Marshall Buttrey

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My dad left me his gibson banjo, and I would love to learn all I can about it. I guess starting with the date. I think he bought it in 1949 or 1950. The serial number is 4887-2.


Thanks in advance


Welcome to the Forum! Pictures are one of the best way to date Gibsons. Can you post some?

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This sub-forum is usually about acoustic guitars. There is another one called "Original" instruments or something like that for banjos and mandolins.


The best person I know of in the history of stringed instruments is George Gruhn in Nashville (Gruhns). You might also check out some banjo forums.


Best of luck.



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The best people in the world for dating Gibson banjos are Joe Spann and Greg Earnest.


Take it to the banjo hangout -- they'll jump all over it.


It may not be that hard -- put up pictures and maybe I can tell you. The problem is that FONs repeat, so you need to see the banjo and know the number to get it right.





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