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Done with my Cheerios


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Now that I've finished my bowl of Cheerios (a wholesome oats based General Mills product) I comptemplate the days events. What to do....? I could go to the guitar store (Sam Ash is now the prefered since the guys at GC pissed me off). But, I did the guitar store thing with my kids yesterday. The band has the night off. We jammed last night.


I do need to polish the LP. I think me and my boy will do that. Then perhaps go to the Best Buy and get the latest DVD.


Speaking of DVD's. Get the latest David Gilmore live DVD. It totally ROCKs!


So I didn't waste to much of your time here is some eye candy.


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Cheerios is one of those foods that if you're eating them' date=' it's fine, but if someone ELSE is eating them the smell is digusting. Ick. Ranks right up there with cigarette breath, coffee breath, and general *** breath.[/quote']


Just like Sugar Puffs.... When you have been eating them and you go for a pi*s all you can smell is Sugar Puffs



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