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Master Tune Vibraola Explorer

southbound suarez

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There was an earlier thread that someone started and I had posted a reply but it really didnt solicit much response.

I have a approx. 1984 Explorer that I purchased new from Guitar Center back in the 80's. It has a factory installed "Master Tune Vibraola" bridge tremelo system. A very unique and uncommon trem that I and a few others have not been able to find much information or documentation for. I think that it may have been O.E.M.`d in Germany for Gibson.

The unit has the Gibson logo cast into the face of it. Definately not your average aftermarket drop in or licensed factory upgrade. This hardware is fairly mechanically sophisticated or a bit complex in design. The whole thing is recessed into a rout on the face of the body. There are no visible springs but it has a rotory tensioner that adjusts the force applied to the wammy bar. I assume that the system uses a torsion bar within rather than springs as it is rather low profile and has no other routs within the guitar body. The bridge has a linkage that allows for the bridge to rotate along with the strings as the bar is engaged. It may be similiar to a Khaler roller bridge trem....

Does anyone know how many guitars were produced with such a system and what models may have included this setup. So far I have only sen one other explorer ever and that was on ebay for a explorer that had a DIY refinished paint job. I think it sold for $800. ... Are these an oddity and do they have any sort of collectability other than those few owners who just happened to already have one? I really wish I could find out more about these things but there seems to be so little even known of their exsitence and even.less documented. And as far as parts???? I think that the other guy posted looking for parts may need a good bit of luck.

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