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so the doubleneck is gone


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It always makes me sad when people have to sell their guitars (except for Tim' date=' he needs to get rid of a few).[/quote']

What I have is nothing compared to some other collections I've seen.

I hate calling it a collection, but I guess that's what it is.

I don't need to sell any, but I am working on it...one might go tomorrow.

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Tim, I am just giving you a hard time. You know I love you, or else I wouldn't give you as much **** as I do. Just as long as you play those babies well...face it...you too many great guitars for them to sit around and not get played to death.


Indeed if you are a true "collector," your collection is relatively small.


But whoever you are and no matter how big your arsenal is, if you're attached to them then it's gonna suck to sell them.


I am very blessed and happy to have my 'holy three' Gibsons. However I do think I am cursed, as whenever I acquire more guitars than those three circumstance pops and I unwillingly have to sell them.

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It's all good, Ian. I agree, that's why I put the SG up for sale. It's great, but the new one I got is just that much better.

I don't play it; so, why keep it? My LP Standard is also up for sale...but I don't care if it sells or not because I do play it from time to time. If it doesn't sell and I do keep it, I'll end up swapping the BB Pros for something better.


Jess, you have enough guitars to make it through. Maybe one day you'll find another one.

I've sold three and haven't missed them one bit.

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