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Help Identify This SG


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Hi All,

I have an old SG of unknown pedigree and thought you folks might be able to help identify it. I got it free from a friend who's had it since 1985. The previous owner to him made a lot of modifications including putting custom birds eye maple all over it (headstock, pick guard, control cover, truss rod cover, etc.).


Here's what I've found so far:

- There is NO serial number on the back of the head at all.

- Pickups are the classic "PATENT NO 2,737,842"; chrome face, flathead screws on the back, etc. (I think this dates to 1965-1975.)

- Control electronics say "CBA 811-1158 500K AT 13770??" which decodes to 1970.

- Tuners are Grover and bridge is Leo Quan "BADASS".

- The underside of the tremolo mount has “G 125 288 593 628” etched in by hand. (I assume this is some owner's ID?)

- It may have once been cherry color (from some chips/dings under the hardware).

- Some screw holes appear to be in custom locations (pick guard, etc.). This might go along with the color change & having the body refinished.

- Case is old and possibly original.

- The body is beat up (dings & scratches, major belt-buckle rash, etc.).

- It plays pretty good.


Does anyone know what this guitar is and what it originally looked like (year, model, pickguard, knobs, etc.)?

thanks! trapper


post-47706-052904700 1349926246_thumb.jpg

post-47706-058242500 1349926261_thumb.jpg

post-47706-021695500 1349926285_thumb.jpg

post-47706-081226100 1349926370_thumb.jpg

post-47706-029013600 1349926386_thumb.jpg

post-47706-053729600 1349926444_thumb.jpg

post-47706-008761800 1349926465_thumb.jpg

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Hi and welcome to the Forum.


I'm by no means an expert on the SG range but as far as I can tell it looks like it was originally a Type 2 SG Special from the '66-'71 period. Bound neck; dot inlays and 4-control cavity all point to this thought. Furthermore, the vibrato on yours is the same pattern this model used.


Assuming the pots on the guitar are original then it would fit in nicely with a 1970 date of manufacture. Cherry was the normal colour (although Walnut replaced White as an option in about 1970).


I'm pretty sure that the Special of this time had two P-90 p-ups - the humbucker-equipped guitars (Standard and Custom) had block inlays so it isn't one of those - but remember; I'm no expert!

My guess is they were swapped for Pat. No. p-ups when the 'woodwork' was added.


This is an SG Special from the period in question;



Mirror-dish Black knobs, black selector surround, compensated (stepped) non-adjustable bridge and white-edged black scratchplate are clearly shown.


I'm not sure whether the Special of this time had a pair of three-in-a-row mini-Kluson tuners or six individual tuners. Sorry!


I think, all-in-all, you could consider the gift as a bit of a bargain!





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Pippy, Thanks for the all info! Your photo does look pretty close to what I have.


- Good point on the pickups (i.e., that the older pat no. pickups may have replaced the original Type 2s).

- One thing that is unusual is that the homemade wooden scratch plate has only 3 screws on the top side, not 4; and I don't see other holes underneath indicating a different configuration.

- Obviously, the fact that it has no serial number is also weird.

- Does the shape of the pickup cavity help identify/date this body?


thanks trapper

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