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Anybody recommend a John walker guitar?


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I have one of his first Clark Fork "AJs"




Mine is the one still up on his site as a sample for the AJ, so I assume the sound sample is of my guitar.




In addition, Greg Boyd has sound samples up of it as well:




I love the tone of the guitar. For my own style, I wish the nut width were wider. Mine is the "standard" Gibson 1 23/32"; I'd like 1.75 - 1.77 & have considered commissioning one with these specs.(I did have a new nut cut with wider string spacing for fingerstyle).I also like a tobacco burst, so were I to commission a custom, I'd change that as well. Both these are personal predilections. Otherwise I wouldn't want anything more!


The tone, fit , finish, inlays, on my guitar are all spectacular. I highly recommend you order one from him!

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