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I was so gonna pull the trigger


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So it's our 25th anniversary, and we're looking to get something special again. We decided we'd spend $100 for each year. Or thereabouts. We did the same thing for our 20th and I got my Les Paul, so I was thinking I'd get a nice Marshall half stack to go with it. I'd been looking at the AFD and the YJM heads, and just couldn't really get it into the 2500.00 budget and still get the 1960A cab I wanted, so I got to looking at the other Marshall heads. I'm glad I did, too, because the JVM 410 is a freaking beast of an amp. I tried one out down at the local Best Buy music store. Really awesome amp, but again, hard to fit into the budget. So I looked at the the 210s, which is the 2 channel version of the 410, and also a great amp.... but.... then I found the 205 H, which is the 50W, 2 channel version of the 100 W 410, and I could get one from Sweetwater along with the cabinet for 100.00 under budget. Bam! Nice deal. So I was gonna call my rep there and see what kind of deal he might have before becoming the proud owner of a JVM 205H/1960A halfstack!


Then I went to Ebay.



I found a 410 and a 1936A 2 speaker cabinet for around $1700. If I got that, I could trade that cabinet in on the 1960 A and....


Then I searched for YJM Marshalls. I found one... authorized dealer with a full Mfg. warranty- with a buy it now for aound 1700.00, and an OBO. I made couple of offers and he took the second one. I got enough left in the budget to buy the cabinet outright, but......


Holy Schmoly, I got a YJM [woot] !

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You're my inspiration AXE® :)


And I so want one of those little JCM 800 heads.



I was looking at one and she didn't think it was a big enough "Wow".


She's good with the YJM she says. I love my wife.



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You have a good girl there Chan.


Congrats again on a KILLER amp.


If you have any questions when you get it don't hesitate to get in touch.


They can be sneaky little buggers.


Little? Not hardly. Biggest dang amp head I've ever used.

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It's here!!


Unfortunately I have no cabinet yet. The wife found a place where she could get $100 gift cards for $90 so I'm waiting on them to arrive to get the cab.


Pics when I get it all set up.



Well, Dub T, that is an excellent question. Looks like a .75 ct pair of diamond solitaire ear rings. Leo Diamonds. Oh, and it turns out they actually are more like .85ct, but hey.


Last time we did this it was she who told me to get a Les Paul. This time it was me telling her to get ear rings.


I got the YJM on my own :D!

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Ok got the cab today. 1960 A.


Got it hooked up and it took all of about 7 seconds to dial in a nice tone once I was done making sure everything worked.


I'll take some pics and get 'em posted up.



In a while... :D

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