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Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro Questions


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I am considering a new Epi Les Paul Traditional Pro. I have been reading as much as I can - have a few questions.


1. Guitar center told me that the body is mahogany with a carved maple top. I can't find anywhere else that says the top is carved maple. Does anyone know for sure?


2. I have read a few reviews saying that the knobs were mounted crooked on their guitar. Does anyone here have that problem, and is this considered a manufacturing defect that Epi would cover under warranty?


3. There are no dealers in my area so I will probably order one online. How is the factory setup? Should I plan to have a luthier do a good setup when it arrives?


4. I am looking at the Gator GC-LPS Deluxe case for this - does anyone know if it is a good fit? No online stores can verify. I also looked at the Road Runner RRMELPLL Graphite Looking Case, but it is on backorder everywhere I look and I will want a case right away if I get the guitar.


To make you smile, I was looking at YouTube reviews and was amazed at all the features and sound - then I realized it was a review for a Gibson Les Paul Trad Pro! The Epi is still pretty nice, but imagine the let-down when I realized the Epi was probably not going to sound like that - nor have the locking tuners and other upgrades!


Thanks in advance for your input!

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Welcome to the forum, Duck!

I'm chiming in with the idea that others will correct my mistakes as I know very little about the Traditional Pro.

I also need to get myself up to speed on some of the available models.


1. Guitar center told me that the body is mahogany with a carved maple top.

According to their own website it is a carved top. It does not say maple. If it is maple then it is some sort of Indonesian maple.

(not necessarily a bad thing)

According to the Epiphone website it is a mahogany top as well as back:



2.......saying that the knobs were mounted crooked....

Common occurrence.....If they come crooked....straighten them out. If it is that the knobs are manufactured crooked then buy some new

after market ones. They are metric, not imperial. They are inexpensive.

Another commonality (and much more serious) is if any are touching the body. That can cause scratching on the finish.


Removing, adjusting and replacing knobs is no big deal if done properly.

Refer to DIY:


(The tightness of the pot shaft can be adjusted with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.)


3. How is the factory setup?

Can be anything from perfect (for you) to intolerable.

Keep in mind that these guitars are shipped half way around the world.

Basic setup is well...basic. Refer to a luthier, a good tech or DIY:





4. I am looking at the... I also looked at the...

Don't know. Others will have to chime in. I use Epi cases although the Tolex coatings can be easily damaged!


Anyway, so much for my opinion on your questions. What I wanted to bring to your attention about the "Traditional Pro" are a few facts.

It is made just for GC amd MF.

GC is selling all but the wine red for $399. The wine is $499. At GC they are NON-RETURNABLE ITEMS!!!;



I'm leery enough when I buy from GC. A non-returnable?..never.

At MF they are $499 but they say nothing about being non-returnable. Their price policy also requires price matching!


Other considerations in my mind would include the Plus Top Pro.


Also, if I was going to go to a $499 L.P. and spend another $100 on a case I would consider the Tribute Plus from Sweetwater.

It comes with a case, locking tuners, carved maple top, series-parallel push pulls and Gibson USA pickups:



Keep in mind (when ordering by mail) you can get an exceptional guitar or an unacceptable one, be it $200 or $2,000.


Anyway, so much for my input.

Good luck on your choice and keep us notified.



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Epi Trad Pros are great values. I've got two of them, one Korina, and another in wine. Both came with the typical high setup from the factory, so a good tech can let the guitar shine. Probably overkill, but I really like and use the SKB-56 case(bought at GC with a discount coupon). IMO, most Gibson/Epi knobs are usually slightly skewed. Not something to loose sleep over.

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