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Hi all,


need some help here... I just acquired a Slash signature model, and I got one of the knobs damanged. It got chipped off somehow. I was wondering if u all have any idea where I could get a replacement for that. I tried buying and fitting PRHK030 knobs from Gibson, but the numberings are printed instead if embossed and the colors arnt really matching too... plus they won't really fit in fully too!


Hope you guys have some pointers for me, thanks!!



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As long as they are Gibson knobs, the fit should not be an issue. The shafts are split, and can be either spread slightly or compressed slightly in order to accomdate the interior of the plastic knob. I have only seen two types of Gibson replacement knobs sold as aftermarket replacements.. the Top Hats and the Speed Knobs...


If you can't match, you might always try calling Gibson Customer Service to see if they might help..

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