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Wildkat great price


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For forum members in the EU who've been tempted by a Wildkat £213 / EUR 265 is a ridiculous price if the MIC versions are anywhere near as good as the Korean ones have been. Wildkats haven't been in stock at Thomann since I've known the site over the last few years so the close up photos on their website must be of a MIC model. The finish on it looks absolutely superb:




Note: you can click on the zoom button at the bottom of each photo to go in even closer.

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So cheap. So unbelievably cheap for a 'Kat. Man that's cheap.


Fantastic value. So cheap...


In case you want to buy another guitar.....why not order it in Germany?? But I really don´t know, if they sell to Australia.



You can also have a look to Europe's biggest Instrument-shop here in Cologne. It´s called Music Store. Just type in Music Store dot de and you´ll find it.



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