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Please help id the year for FLYING V CUSTOM


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Hello good people of the GIBSON forum.


I recently bought a Gibson Custom Shop Flying V Custom.

I'm having trouble figuring out what year it was made.


The serial numer is

CS 101327


This is the FLYING V CUSTOM in Washed CherryBurst.

Gold hardware

Stop Tail

Nashville ABR-1 bridge

Has the custom shop logo on the back bottom of the head stock.


I'm certain of it's authenticity. Assuming it is real, and the serial is correct and genuine, what year is this guitar made, please?





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Custom Shop regular production models


CS stands for "Custom Shop"

Y indicates the production year

RRRR indicates the guitar's place in the sequence of production


Example: CS10845 is the 845th reg. production CS model produced in 2001.


Yours is CS 101327

Which could indicate the 1845th guitar made in 2001 or it could be the 845th guitar made in 2011 (which would be my best guess as that Custom shop logo on the headstock was not available in 2001)

Another indicator would be that the 2001 would have a paper Certificate of Authenticity where a 2011 would have the booklet COA.


Contact Gibson Customer service with the serial number and ask for the date. (A phone call works fastest but if you email, send some photos)

Gibson Customer Service



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Yes, I have all that info. And this guitar seems to be an exception. It's made in 2010.

it has a booklet. GC had the year. I went to the Gibson.com page that shows that MYRRRR info, 30 times. I emailed Gibson. No reply. I called but they were too busy that day. Usually I get Rodger, who is very helpful. Thank you for the reply. we figured it out.

Best, Ces.

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Sorry about the 2011. I meant 2010 and didn't even see my mistake. Rodger has always had the correct answer when I asked him. The Custom Shop small runs or one-off do not usually have much information in the database for the customer service guys to look up.

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