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Do the make guitar strings like this?

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You are one strange dude Grungie,

And I mean that in a kinda good way.


Have you tried coated strings? I have Elixers on my my J-45 because when I bought it my fingers were wimpy

from not playing much and I wanted less friction. Turned out I quite like them.


Or you could just switch to piano,, hardly any of that annoying string noise at all....

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Dude: If the strings are roundwound, they are gonna squeek. No way around that.


You can get flatwound, but they won't sound the same. Same with other types.


If it is really bad, then it is time to work on your technique. Not putting you down, just trying to say it is the only true solution, so might as well know that before you go doing these different things to find out they still squeek.


Part of the technique you might explore is timing: Besides playing with a touch to lift more, also consider making chord changes and such to where the squeeks are more in time with the beat than totally random.

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Even with the Elixrs will get string noise, actually (mho) it's just part of what makes a guitars sound like does.


The better a players technique, the less noticeable it becomes, and it just sort of blends in with the overall sound that's being projected. When I start teaching new students, this is the first question they usually have. "How do i NOT do this?" (Try the Piano is the perfect answer! LOL!)


If you wanted to completely omit all strings sound entirely, you'd want to use a set flatwounds, such as you would find if playing a set chromes on a jazz box. These will virtually eliminate sting noise, but you're not gonna like how they will make your acoustic sound

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Coated stings would have the bronze on the string, but it would be more like it is painted (metal) on it.

I think that metal coating has something like metal paint, without the paint, that is applied chemically by a heating process

Metal paint is like what they do when they chrome stuff and it protects it the metal when they coat it.

I'm not sure how it works really.


They do not use "metal paint" for coating. NO Manufacturer that I know of uses "metal paint". The two methods used are either metal plating (for example, Ernie Ball Titanium-plated strings) or some kind of polymer coating (D'Addario, Elixir e.c.t.).


They are made the Exact same way as regular guitar strings; they're just coated either with some kind of polymer or they're plated with a certain corrosion-resistant metal.


If you're looking for smooth and squeak-free, try Elixirs. I use Nanowebs, but the Polywebs are smoother and give less "squeak". D'Addario EXP's (their coated strings) and Ernie Ball Titaniums just felt dead to me after a few hours. Elixirs last me a couple months usually.


This is all just personal preference. Your best option is improve your technique. But if you want a quicker solution, coated strings are the way to go.



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